Visualizing Political and Social Data

Undergraduate/graduate course, Yale University (remote), Alexander Coppock, 2020

All Student Feedback for TF Yamagishi

Student Feedback (all feedback displayed below)Evaluation
strengths: code was very detailed and answered questions clearly, facilitated discussions and kept us engaged, availability outside of class (office hours, email, piazza) weaknesses: nothing at this timeExcellent (5/5)
Hikaru is a lifesaver! She was always happy to meet outside of section to go over issues with code and the class in general and she was really good at explaining some of the nuances of the code to someone who is not familiar with R at all.Excellent (5/5)
Hikaru was so kind and eager to help us. I would have liked to go over how to do things more related to the psets in section. Other than that, she was excellent!Excellent (5/5)
Hikaru was incredibly helpful whenever I met with her outside of class or when I asked for help. She made a challenging yet encouraging section.Excellent (5/5)
Very patient and understandingExcellent (5/5)
 Excellent (5/5)
 Excellent (5/5)
Hikaru did really well with a very tough job to try to teach us a lot of coding in a very short period of time. She is also kind and easily reachable.Very good (4/5)
Hikaru did the best with what she was given. Sections were not designed well to facilitate discussion, but Hikaru did a very good job at explaining concepts and going at a good pace for students. I learned more in section that I learned in lecture.Very good (4/5)
great and explained things wellVery good (4/5)
Hikaru was very clear in section and helpful in office hours. My only complaint is a delay in email response and lack of time to meet.Very good (4/5)
great instructorVery good (4/5)
Overall, good! I really didn’t have any complaints with how section was run.Very good (4/5)
Hikaru really cared about the students and learning. I think the structure of discussion section could have been changed. Using breakout rooms when the students were supposed to be coding together was kind of challenging over Zoom.Very good (4/5)
Great teacher in section and office hours. Her one downside was the speed in which work was returned and the feedback on that work sometime lacked what needed to be changed.Very good (4/5)
 Very good (4/5)
Hikaru always led well organized and clear office hours. It was very helpful to learn the code this way. I did find it difficult to improve my coding abilities, however, since feedback on our problem sets were very minimal and offered very late the semester. Many students were incredibly confused about the grading scheme.Good (3/5)
 Good (3/5)
I wish we got more grades backFair (2/5)