Capitalism in America

Undergraduate/graduate course, Yale University (in-person), Douglas Rae, 2019

All Student Feedback for TF Yamagishi

Student Feedback (all feedback displayed below)Evaluation
Hikaru was a really great teaching fellow! I emailed her numerous times with questions and she always responded promptly and was very helpful. She led great discussion sections and was clearly very prepared and organized.Excellent (5/5)
 Excellent (5/5)
I received clear feedback after my midterm that helped me when I took my final, but I didnt not always find breakout sessions to be especially usefulVery good (4/5)
Hikaru was accessible and helpful during office hours and helped to facilitate conversation through the breakout sessions led by prompting engagement and sharing her own perspectives.Good (3/5)
She added to the material discussed in class.Good (3/5)
Hikaru was always available to help when it came to midterm/final time.Good (3/5)
Breakout sessions were not really helpful at all. I dont think its the TFs fault, it just seemed like no one really knew what was going onGood (3/5)
 Good (3/5)
Never really interacted with her and “section” was hard to follow at times. Felt aimless.Fair (2/5)
 Poor (1/5)