Quantitative Methods II: Foundations of Statistical Inference

Graduate course, Yale University (in-person), Fredrik Sävje, 2019

All Student Feedback for TF Yamagishi

Student Feedback (all feedback displayed below)Evaluation
Hikaru is very good at responding to emailed queries. She obviously prepares intensively for each section.Excellent (5/5)
Hikaru is a very friendly and patient TF. She is always open for any kind of questions, and she even took her time to set up some softwares on students’ laptops.Excellent (5/5)
Hikaru was very constructive and helpful!Excellent (5/5)
Exceptional TFExcellent (5/5)
ExcellentExcellent (5/5)
Hikaru - I really appreciated how organized you were in section and how you always made sure everyone was on the same page.Very good (4/5)
Hikaru also explained things clearly in TA sessions and responded to emails very fast.Very good (4/5)
 Very good (4/5)
 Very good (4/5)
She is very nice and patient and I really appreciate her time answering my questions!Good (3/5)
Also horrible.Poor (1/5)