Introduction to International Political Economy

Undergraduate/graduate course, Yale University (in-person), Didac Queralt, 2018

All Student Feedback for TF Yamagishi

Student Feedback (all feedback displayed below)Evaluation
Hikaru is an excellent Teaching Fellow and was always willing to meet with us to discuss any doubts we were having about the coursework or the class in general. She brought in interesting and relevant perspectives from her experience in finance, and she made the subjects covered in class very accessible for those of us who were struggling with class assignments.Excellent (5/5)
Extremely accessible and helpful at explaining difficult conceptsExcellent (5/5)
Great TF! Very willing to meet with students :) HelpfulExcellent (5/5)
We did not actually have sessions with these Fellows, but Hikaru gave a great presentation to the class about her background and how it relates to the class! I’m thankful to have had her feedback on assignments and such.Excellent (5/5)
 Excellent (5/5)
 Excellent (5/5)
Great TA! She was very helpful and knowledgeable. Her background in finance provided and unique perspective on financial systems.Very good (4/5)
She left good feedback on my work, and she was an interesting lecturer when she presented.Very good (4/5)
Provided clear feedback on assignments and was open to questions about course material.Very good (4/5)
Hikaru’s grading is consistent and she gives appropriate comments when we do not get the answer correct.Very good (4/5)
 Good (3/5)
 Good (3/5)
 Good (3/5)
 Poor (1/5)