Peer-Reviewed Publications

“Consolidating Progress: The Selection of Female Ministers in Autocracies and Democracies,” with Jacob Nyrup and Stuart Bramwell. American Political Science Review, forthcoming. (link to earlier draft)

Amano, Kenya, Melanie Sayuri Dominguez, Timothy Fraser, Etienne Gagnon, Trevor Incerti, Jinhyuk Jang, Charles T. McClean, Austin M. Mitchell, Sayumi Miyano, Colin Moreshead, Harunobu Saijo, Diana Stanescu, Ayumi Teraoka, Hikaru Yamagishi, Charmaine N. Willis, Yujin Woo, and Charles Crabtree. 2022. “Field Research When There Is Limited Access to the Field: Lessons from Japan.” PS: Political Science & Politics: 1-7. (link)

Hutchinson, Annabelle, Elizabeth K. McGuire, Frances McCall Rosenbluth, and Hikaru Yamagishi. “The Political Economy of Gender.” Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Politics. 2018. Oxford University Press. (link)

Working Papers

“The Political Investment Cycles of Sovereign Wealth Funds and Quasi-Public Financial Institutions.” (Under review)

“The Turnout Effects of Opposition Fragmentation: Evidence from Japan.”

“Chinese State Media Persuades a Global Audience That the “China Model” is Superior: Evidence From A 19-Country Experiment,” with Daniel Mattingly, Trevor Incerti, Changwook Ju, Colin Moreshead, and Seiki Tanaka. (Under review) (link)

“How Domestic Politics Shapes International Soft Power Promotion: Evidence From East Asia,” with Trevor Incerti, Changwook Ju, Dan Mattingly, Colin Moreshead, Frances McCall Rosenbluth, and Seiki Tanaka. (Under review)

“Sexual Harassment in Japan: Willingness to Pay for Best Practices,” with Charles Crabtree, Trevor Incerti, Rieko Kage, Frances McCall Rosenbluth, and Seiki Tanaka. (Under review)

“Deflationary Life-Cycle Expectations in Aging Societies: Experimental Evidence From Japan.”

Articles in Progress

“Mixed Incentives and Unstable Party Competition in Mixed-Member Majoritarian Systems.”

“A Logical Model of Party Competition in Mixed-Member Majoritarian Electoral Systems,” with Yuki Atsusaka.

“Do Firms Benefit from the Revolving Door? Evidence from Japan,” with Trevor Incerti.

“Amakudata: A Dataset of Bureaucratic Revolving Door Hires,” and accompanying online dashboard, Amakudashboard (link), with Trevor Incerti, Sayumi Miyano, and Diana Stanescu.

“Does Equalizing Household Work Affect Women’s Political Preferences? Evidence from a Field Experiment in Japan,” with Trevor Incerti, Changwook Ju, and Colin Moreshead.

Book Manuscripts in Progress

Electoral Dominance in Economic Stagnation: The Political Economy of Contemporary Japan.

Inside the Revolving Door: Government-Business Relations in Contemporary Japan, with Trevor Incerti.

Media Publications

“The Blocked Road to a Woman Prime Minister in Japan,” with Charles Crabtree and Yoshikuni Ono, The Hill, October 12, 2021. (link)

“How Japan Got the Pandemic Right—and Wrong,” with Trevor Incerti, The Diplomat, October 14, 2022. (link)